Mailing Lists

The Automotive Grade Linux project welcomes contributions from the community.  We invite you to ask questions and be involved on our mailing lists.

General Mailing Lists

Automotive Grade Linux Announcements

Automotive-Announce list ( listinfo | archives)

This is a read-only list for general announcements about the Automotive Grade Linux Project.

Automotive Grade Linux Discussions

automotive-discussions (listinfo | archives)

Discussions about the Automotive Grade Linux Project.

Automotive Grade Linux Steering Committee

automotive-sc (listinfo | archives)

Automotive Grade Linux Steering Committee business. This list is open to AGL steering committee members.


Expert Group Mailing Lists

Compliance Expert Group

automotive-eg-compliance (listinfo | archives)

Management of all the open source licenses used by AGL components. Best practices and education on how companies can manage open source compliance.

Display Subsystems Expert Group

automotive-eg-display (listinfo | archives)

Hardware and software integration for display systems, 3D support, acceleration, window manager, compositor etc.

Reference Distribution Expert Group

automotive-eg-distro (listinfo | archives)

Integrated AGL software stack with supporting materials.

Documentation Expert Group

automotive-eg-docs (listinfo | archives)

Overall documentation effort for AGL. While each Expert Group must provide proper documentation of their work, this Expert Group serves as a consolidation effort.

Digital Rights Management Expert Group

automotive-eg-drm (listinfo | archives)

Systems to protect and license content owned by 3rd parties such as maps, media, etc.

Governance Expert Group

automotive-eg-governance (listinfo | archives)

Collaboration and operation framework for AGL, the Steering Committee, Expert Groups etc.

Reference User Interface Expert Group

automotive-eg-hmi (listinfo | archives)

While the UI of the IVI system is a differentiator and brand identity of the car manufacturer the AGL reference UI serves multiple purposes: implementation of the use cases, test vehicle for the underlying software stack, development instrument for the UI APIs.

Reference Hardware Expert Group

automotive-eg-hw (listinfo | archives)

Hardware platforms identified by the AGL as reference to support AGL functionality and enable prototyping.

Multi Media Expert Group

automotive-eg-mm (listinfo | archives)

Multi media software stack integration. 

Networking Expert Group

automotive-eg-networking (listinfo | archives)

In-vehicle networks such as CAN, LIN, automotive Ethernet, protocol stacks, routing, bridging, etc.

Over-the-Air Updates and Software Management Expert Group

automotive-eg-ota (listinfo | archives)

A package management system agnostic infrastructure and open protocols to remotely manage that software installed on a device and the device configuration.

Reliability and Stability Expert Group

automotive-eg-reliability (listinfo | archives)

Reliability and Stability are main design considerations that require careful attention and adequate test and QA methodology.

Security Expert Group

automotive-eg-security (listinfo | archives)

Security is a major design aspect that requires integration with all layers of the software stack.

Build Systems and Tooling Expert Group

automotive-eg-tools (listinfo | archives)

Tools and documentation necessary to enable engineers to build and customize the system.

Web Runtime and Middleware Expert Group

automotive-eg-webrt (listinfo | archives)

HTML engine and related topics.