Automotive Grade Linux Webinar Series

As part of our mission to enable innovation and collaboration in the automotive industry through Linux and open source technology, the Automotive Grade Linux workgroup is pleased to announce our Live Webinar Series. These webinars will feature innovative minds from the automotive and open source communities discussing a range of topics that will help advance automotive device development and provide a foundation for companies who are developing new products based on the Linux platform.

Upcoming Webinar: "The GENIVI Baselines"

September 16, 2014

Frédéric Bourcier

Frédéric Bourcier

Project Manager, Wind River Automotive Solutions

Speaker Biography:
Frédéric Bourcier is a Project Manager at Wind River Automotive Solutions in Les Ulis, France. He worked as project manager over the various phases of the design and development of IVI, multimedia and telematics systems, as well as connected services solutions. Frédéric has gathered his experience in those domains over 10 years, first at an OEM car maker and then by joining the software industry at Wind River. He is currently the leader of the Baseline Integration Team at the GENIVI Alliance, where he coordinates the effort of multiple companies to release public software platforms aligned with the GENIVI compliance.


Holger Behrens

Principal Technologist, Wind River Automotive Solutions

Speaker Biography:
Holger Behrens is a Principal Technologist at Wind River Automotive Solutions in Ismaning, Germany, where he focuses for the last 18 years on designing and developing embedded software for Automotive Infotainment systems. He is currently the release manager for the Yocto GENIVI baseline within the Baseline Integration Team at the GENIVI Alliance and a maintainer of the Yocto layer for In-Vehicle Infotainment, meta-ivi. Holger has spoken at the ELCE and the Automotive Linux Summit (Europe).

Sam Thursfield

Sam Thursfield

Software Developer, Codethink

Speaker Biography:
Sam is an experienced software engineer and a key member of the Baserock project developer team. Whilst at Codethink he has worked on multiple IVI development projects, using both Baserock and other embedded Linux platforms. His roles have involved him working on training and support for Baserock, boot time reduction, GENIVI Baseline integration, test suite design and multimedia middleware debug and optimisation.

The GENIVI baselines are IVI software platforms aligned with the GENIVI compliance statement. Those platforms reflect the technical directions agreed by automotive industry leaders as they play a key role in the coordination of the technical activities of the GENIVI Alliance. The GENIVI baselines are made available as a public open source project. They are continuously maintained and known to be adopted by multiple automotive companies who want to stay aligned with the GENIVI roadmap, they are also made available to any individual or non- automotive company seeing interest in this design.


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Media Manager Project
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Claus-Peter Wiedemann

On the Road with FOSS - Will GPL v3 Make It On Board?
Speaker: Claus-Peter Wiedemann, BearingPoint
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Yoram Berholtz

Updating Automotive ECUs Over-the-Air
Speaker: Yorm Berholtz, Red Bed Software
Recorded: January 2014
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Stefan Balkowiec

The Art of Making Clear Hands Free Calls
Speaker: Stefan Balkowiec, SymphonyTeleca (STC)
Recorded: September 18, 2013
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Magnus Feuer

Improving Telematics Reliability in Marginal Reception Areas
Speaker: Magnus Feuer, Feuelabs
Recorded: August 28, 2013
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Paolo Gai

An Open Source OS for the Automotive Market
Speaker: Paolo Gai, CEO at Evidence Srl
Recorded: July 23, 2013
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Gordon Bechtel

Ethernet AVB Stack Architecture
Speaker: Dr. Gordon Bechtel, CTO of Media Systems at Symphony Teleca
Recorded: June 23, 2013
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Subham Sen

Tizen IVI on an ARM Platform
Speaker: Subham Sen, Chief Engineer in Tizen IVI Team at Samsung
Recorded: May 23, 2013
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Konstantin Khait

Using Open Source Solutions for Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications
Speaker: Konstantien Khait, Chief Engineer at Componentality Oy
Recorded: April 25, 2013
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Mikko Ylinen

Ossama Othman

Leveraging the Tizen IVI Build Infrastructure
Speakers:  Mikko Ylinen, Tizen IVI Lead Architect at Intel & Ossama Othman, Senior Software Engineer at Intel
Recorded: March 20, 2013
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Matt Jones

Jaguar Land Rover's Experiences in Moving to Linux-Based IVI
Speaker: Matt Jones,Senior Technical Specialist - Infotainment at Jaguar Land Rover & Vice President at GENIVI
Recorded: February 6, 2013
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