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Automotive Grade Linux Delivers Open Automotive Software Stack for the Connected Car

Growing community is fueling development of the industry’s only fully open and customizable automotive platform

SAN FRANCISCO and TOKYO (AUTOMOTIVE LINUX SUMMIT), June 30, 2014 – Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a collaborative open source project developing a common, Linux-based software stack for the connected car, today announced that its first open source software release is available for download, bringing the industry one step closer to achieving a standard Linux-based software platform for the connected car.

AGL is building the industry’s only fully open automotive platform, allowing automakers to leverage a growing software stack based on Linux while retaining the ability to create their own branded user experience. Standardizing on a single platform means the industry can rapidly innovate where it counts to create a safe and reliable connected car experience. Open collaboration within the AGL community means support for multi-architectures and features to bolster the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) experience.

“Openness and collaboration are key to accelerating the development of a common, standard automotive platform so the industry can more quickly achieve its vision of delivering the connected car,” said Dan Cauchy, general manager of automotive, The Linux Foundation. “This AGL release is a great step forward and the community is already looking to build on its work to address a number of additional capabilities and features in subsequent releases. With AGL at the core, the industry will be able to more rapidly innovate and evolve to meet customer needs.”

AGL builds on top of Tizen IVI and adds key applications developed in HTML5 and JavaScript into a single open source reference platform. 

See slideshow of AGL key features including:

  • Home Screen
  • Dashboard
  • Google Maps
  • HVAC
  • Media Playback
  • News Reader (AppCarousel)
  • Audio Controls
  • Bluetooth Phone
  • Smart Device Link Integration

Each component includes a detailed Design Requirements Document (DRD) with descriptions, use cases, HMI flows, graphical assets, architecture diagrams and more. AGL code, DRDs and more are all available on the AGL wiki to give anyone the background and tools needed to use the software and start contributing to the project.

“Using AGL means the industry benefits from the stability and strength of a common Linux distribution, Tizen IVI, at the core while bringing their own unique applications and functionality to market faster,” said Rudolf Strief, director of embedded solutions, The Linux Foundation. “Collaborating within the AGL community helps the industry avoid fragmentation that can waste time and R&D resources that could be put to better use innovating on safety and reliability for drivers.”

AGL is free to download and anyone can participate in the open source community. Learn more:

About Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)

Automotive Grade Linux is a collaborative open source project that aims to accelerate the development and adoption of a fully open software stack for the connected car. Leveraging the power and strength of Linux at its core, AGL is uniting automakers and technology companies to develop a common platform that offers OEMs complete control of the user experience so the industry can rapidly innovate where it counts. The AGL platform is available to all, and anyone can participate in its development. Learn more:

Automotive Grade Linux is a Collaborative Project at The Linux Foundation. Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects are independently funded software projects that harness the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation across industries and ecosystems.

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Linux Foundation Announces Renesas Electronics Becomes Gold Member

TOKYO, LinuxCon Japan, May 21, 2014 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development, today announced that Renesas Electronics Corporation is increasing its engagement with Linux and The Linux Foundation to become a Gold Member. One of the first companies to participate in the Automotive Grade Linux project, Renesas recently upped its engagement in the Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup focused on optimizing Linux for automotive use.

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New Linux Foundation Members Collaborate on Connected Car Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, March 26, 2014 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced that Advanced Driver Information Technology GmbH, ATS Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH, GlobalLogic, and OBIGO are joining the organization.

The companies are also joining the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Steering Committee, comprised of automotive, communication, semiconductor, electronics and academic contributors, that are working to create a Linux-based platform to meet the security and performance requirements of the automotive industry. 

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New Members Join Linux Foundation to Participate in Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup

BARCELONA, Spain {LinuxCon Europe) November 6, 2012 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced that Componentality Oy, Host Concepts, Micware, and MIRACLE LINUX are joining the organization. These companies will participate in the Automotive Grade Linux workgroup, an industry-wide initiative with contributions from Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, and more.

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Upcoming Webinar: Improving Telematics Reliability in Marginal Reception Areas

Our next webinar will be on Wednesday 8/21. Magnus Feuer, CTO of Feuerlabs, will be presenting on telematics systems' reliability when using mobile phone networks.

As usual we have two webinar times available for you to sign up for:

1st Webinar: Wednesday 8/21, 8:00am Pacific / 11:00am Eastern / Europe: 1700 CEST
2nd Webinar: Wednesday 8/21: Asia: 0900 JST / U.S.: 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern

Please go to to register.

Winners of first Automotive Grade Linux User Experience Contest Announced

During his keynote at the Automotive Linux Summit 2013 Spring in Tokyo Matt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist Infotainment for Jaguar Land Rover and Vice President of GENIVI, announced the winners of the first AGL User Experience Contest:

  • Ford Motor Company - Best New Feature
  • Reaktor - Best Visual Appearance
  • Tata Elxsi - Best User Experience

The successful winners had less than six weeks from the announcement of the contest and the submission deadline. The contest was designed to be a creative and innovative challenge. The winners truly lived up to the challenge.

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Two More Weeks to Automotive Linux Summit 2013 Spring

Automotive Linux Summit 2013 Spring is almost here! In just two more weeks doors will open to our third Automotive Linux Summit. We are back in Japan again like for the inaugural Automotive Linux Summit in November 2011. We have a great lineup of expert speakers presenting on a broad variety of topics related to Linux and open source in automotive applications. See the full schedule.

GENIVI and many vendors will be present to showcase their solutions.

Please visit the event site for more information and to sign up.

AGL Demonstrator VMWare Image Released

We are proud to announce that we have released a VMWare image of the AGL Demonstrator. With this image you can experience the AGL Demonstrator system stack with operating system, middleware and user interface in a virtual machine on your Linux or Windows desktop system. No need to purchase any hardware.

A big thank-you to the team at Jaguar Land Rover who has put this image together.

Head over to our download site to grab the image and instructions.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Watch Now: You're Invited: Design the Future of Automotive Infotainment

Watch our AGL video featuring Matt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist at Jaguar Land Rover, Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, and the AGL Demonstrator Land Rover LR4.

Register For Upcoming Webinar: Using Open Source Solutions for Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications

On Thursday, April 25th, 2013 we will be hosting a webinar for anyone interested in using open source solutions for Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications. This presentation describes the general state of V2X market, status of appropriate solutions, standards and approaches. It reviews average types of V2X projects and typical business strategy of the key market players. The presentation defines the ways to build V2X equipment and firmware and the role of OSS and, in particular, Linux based solutions in the V2X industry. Finally it gives some forecast of the V2X roadmap and recommends the approach how AGL members may join the stream. The webinar will be held at 0900 CEST / 1600 JST (12:00am Pacific / 3:00am Eastern) for European and Asia audiences and at 1800 CEST (9:00am Pacific / 12:00pm Eastern) for participants in the U.S. Learn More and Register.